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Hey guys! It has definitely been a minute since I posted on my blog and honestly, I don’t even have a specific excuse at all! My summer had been pretty eventful, with 8 weeks of Clerkships, Summer jobs, studying and a nice trip to Scotland. Somehow, during these couple of weeks, I fell out of love with blogging. I don’t know why, but every day I didn’t post made it even harder to get back to it. And then somehow November came around.

After finishing my Clerkships in Vienna (if you fancy a read about my experience with my summer clerkships, I wrote a whole blogpost about it here!), I head back to Hamburg to stay with my family for a bit and also working at my summer job. In the end of August I finally took the IELTS academic test, which I kind of was nervous about. Luckily, in the end it worked out pretty fine and I was quite happy with my results. In early September, my brother and I decided to go on a trip to Scotland, visiting Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Loch ness and Glasgow. We’d both never been there and Edinburgh was always a place I wanted to visit, specially during early autumn. We spend around 8 days in Scotland and flew down to London to meet our parents there. My parents had never been to the UK, so it was super lovely to show them around as well. There are blogpost coming very soon on that topic for sure.

Back in Hamburg, I spent my remaining 10 days of summer break with my family and friends, doing no studying whatsoever, which was super nice and needed.

October came and I started my winter semester of 5th year of University, which for me is also my very last semester I’ll spend in Vienna.Β 5th year at our Medical school is pretty much hospital based. So each month, we have a different rotation, one subject per month, starting with Psychiatry, Pediatrics and EM, followed by Gynaecology, Neurology, ophthalmology and finally, ENT. Usually, we attend seminars (and lectures) every day and two weeks of each month, we’ll additionally go to hospitals all over Vienna for clinical practice in the mornings. In the end of each month, there is a lottery which draws students for an oral exam in the subject they just rotated in. So every student gets to study for each month, just in case they will be drawn 3-7 days before their exam date, which makes everyone a bit anxious.

It feels bittersweet to spend my last semester in my medical student carrier in Vienna, where I went to Uni since 2014. I really had my up and downs with this city and my Uni, but in the end, Vienna became my home and the friends I made here will always have a specially place in my heart. I get really emotional when I think about leaving everything in less then three months. Although I’m excited to go abroad for the remaining 1,5 years of med school, but I will definitely miss the life I’ve build up here.

So that’s my little rambling update post for today. There are a lot of posts coming your way very soon and I’m really excited to get back into blogging more. I hope you stick around x

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