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Hello lovelies, hope you are well!

I haven’t been posting anything here for a few weeks now which makes me a bit sad but I thought I would update you guys on what I was up to this month!

So I finished my 7th semester and just started my 8th. We had a big exam at the end of February about all the topics covert in 4th year which was public health, pharmacology and physiology of pain, surgery, dermatology and internal medicine. There was a lot to cover and I’m glad that it’s over to be honest as this month was a bit stressful for me in generell. My current semester is very psychology based which I’m excited about! We have a upcoming pharmacology seminar all about Antipsychotics, Antidepressants and Sedatives on Thursday and we are going to work on our conversation techniques with mentally ill patients (played by actors) every week until summer. I’m also really into my thesis work at the moment, we just got a positive vote from the ethical review committee (which is required in order to work on any medical thesis), so we can actually start to examine our patients which is exciting! This semester is also including our OSCE exam which is an international practical clinical skills exam for everyone who is in a medical field and an important step in our Uni carrier.

I was also organising a lot of clinical clerkships and my electives during the past couple of months (which are both some kind of practical internships we do as medical students!). I want to attend a lot of them abroad and in some countries, it is required to apply very early to get a placement, so I started to apply for a few places and I’m hoping for the best (and constantly check my mail like a maniac).

As I’m writing this post today, I also decided to take the USMLE-Step 1, which is an American exam and the first one to take in order to get a doctors licensure at the states! I haven’t thought of moving to the states yet, but there is something else I really want to do for which I need Step 1. I’ll give you a bit more of a background information about this in a future post! Anyway, I ordered two major books for Step 1 today and just did a bit of research.

On a another note, I got very, very poorly this month. I’m lucky to say that I don’t get ill usually, but it really hit me this time. I had a very persistent bronchitis and a kind of intestine infection which just made studying for that exam I mentioned above quite an act. I’ve been on Antibiotics for a while which I didn’t take since I was probably about 10 years old. Unfortunately, I’m still struggling with heavyish coughing and chest and back pain, so I’m going to see another doctor in two days who hopefully will help me out!

Speaking of recent books and tv shows I have consumed, I recently started to listen to Anne Franks Diary as an audiobook. I read her Diary during school quite a few years ago and I also used to work at a Anne Frank Museum in my home town as a teen. One of my friends went to Amsterdam recently and she asked about the Anne Frank house and somehow I got inspired to re-listen to this beautiful book. It’s so interesting to pick up books you have read as a kid and compare that to what you think now. I also started to watch Friends on Netflix. I have never watched any episode (I know, a lot of you will be completely shocked), I’m on episode 11 at the moment and I really, really like it! I had to get over the audience-laughing-in-the-background-every-three-seconds thing, but it’s a very comfy uplifting charming watch! Another first for me this month (in my very poorly days) was watching Clueless, which made me laugh (and cringed) so much, it was just the perfect ill-in-bed kinda film.

So yeah, that’s basically what I did this month! I’m happy to get back to blogging and I’m thinking about having a blogging schedule, posting every Wednesday and Friday!

Thank you for stopping by and have a great start to the week!



  1. congrats and hope your getting better. I just decided to go for my masters in counseling. So psychology is a biggie and digging deeper into theories. keep blogging and laughing, cause your not clueless like the movie…lol

    1. thank you! aw good for you, your plans sounds really interesting, counseling is amazing!
      hahaha thanks, I will!

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