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Hello everyone, happy new year! I hope you had an amazing new years eve and a great start to the new year. Todays post is a mammoth photography post of Tokyo – the city I spend my whole summer in and absolutely fell in love with! I miss this city incredibly and will for sure visit it again one day. I visited a few cities while being in Japan like Takayama, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Nikko and already posted about them, but as I spend a couple of months in Japan and lived in Tokyo for most of that time, I have so much footage and photos of the city and was quite overwhelmed with what I should post or not and how to choose from the thousand and thousand of photos for this particular post. But now here we have it and I hope you enjoy my little insights of one of my favourite cities!

DSCF7271IMG_9834IMG_9968IMG_9945DSCF7502DSCF7396DSCF7487DSCF7424DSCF7466DSCF7506DSCF6730DSCF6718DSCF6700 2DSCF6736DSCF6820DSCF6817DSCF6848DSCF6758DSCF6762DSCF7003IMG_9472DSCF6890DSCF6899DSCF6897DSCF6922DSCF6932DSCF6948DSCF6954DSCF6957IMG_9542DSCF6987DSCF6983IMG_9570DSCF6829IMG_9560IMG_9563IMG_9576DSCF7023DSCF7033DSCF7028DSCF7046DSCF7057IMG_9635IMG_9633DSCF7008DSCF7014DSCF7011DSCF7017IMG_9653IMG_9666IMG_9671IMG_9692IMG_9689DSCF7069DSCF6807DSCF7074DSCF7076DSCF7106DSCF7119DSCF7086DSCF7064DSCF7132DSCF7067DSCF7075IMG_9702IMG_9703IMG_9465IMG_0248DSCF7150DSCF7155DSCF7178DSCF7165DSCF7163DSCF7162DSCF7190DSCF7195IMG_9729IMG_9735IMG_9763DSCF7218DSCF7231DSCF7226DSCF7257DSCF7262IMG_9758DSCF7287DSCF7288DSCF7291DSCF7302DSCF7316DSCF7330DSCF7304IMG_9760DSCF7348DSCF7472DSCF7450IMG_9802IMG_9799IMG_9951IMG_0254IMG_0241IMG_0253IMG_9893IMG_9922IMG_9910IMG_9904IMG_9886IMG_9927IMG_0244IMG_9814


    1. thank you so much anna! and yes you so should visit japan! It’s such a beautiful multifaceted country!

    1. Thank you! Oh yeah, Japan was on my list for years and it was so amazing to finally make this wish come true! I want to go back already!

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