a letter to 2017

Hello lovelies, I hope you had the best holidays so far! I know, there are a ton of farewell-the year went by so quickly-new years resolution posts this days in the Blog-community, but honestly, I love reading them and reflecting on my own. I have to be honest, I’m not the biggest lover of new years eve, but I love to think about the year and just getting lost in memories and thoughts! So here we go!

The year started with a lot of Uni work for me. We had a full packed schedule and a intense 4 weeks term. I completed my Anatomy/Dissection class (which we had for one and a half years by then) by the end of January which was a huge relief! I also git a confirmation letter from Juntendo University in Tokyo for a Clinical Clerkship abroad in Tokyo in the Summer.

I attended my very first Clinical Clerkship in internal Medicine in Hamburg during Uni break in February and had my first experiences with blood samplings on real Patients, which was great but sometimes very nerve racking indeed. A few days after, two of my close friends came to visit me for the first time in my home city, which was a great way to end my Uni break at home before I head back to Vienna!

A new Semester started and I have to be honest here, I hated the second semester of my third year in Med school. I wasn’t really happy with my study/seminar group and had a lot of issues and changes in my personal life which made Uni and my life in Vienna unbearable. I really liked the main subjects we had at Uni at that time, which was Neurology and Senses, but I feel like it was poorly presented and taught. The whole semester became more of a just-get-through-and-take-the-humiliation-as-far-as-you-can thing, which made me incredibly sad. I feel like the lecturers and Professors weren’t really interested in teaching us anything but testing us, just to do their jobs. I was looking forward to that specific term for a long time as it was mainly neurology based, but I got hugely disappointed. A lot of my friends started to hate the subject and swear they would never do anything in that field after having that semester, which is a shame. That semester dragged on for an eternity and by the end I was exhausted. I decided to not take my wrap up exam in June and reschedule it for the end of September, which I never did before, but I really wanted to relax a bit before I went to Japan in the end of June.


2017 has been a  year of traveling for me for sure! I haven’t traveled so much since I started Uni, and I’m really thankful for every single experience I gained and every beautiful city I visited. One of my friends started her Uni year abroad in Cagliari, so I went to see her before Easter. Cagliari was beautiful and a nice little break after a tough start at Uni. On my way to Cagliari, I spend two days in Bologna, a city which I wanted to visit for ages.


In May, I visited my childhood friend who moved to Berlin to attend an internship. Although Hamburg is actually not that far from Berlin, I haven’t been there that often. It was super nice to visit a few cafes and restaurants she had picked and spending time with there as I don’t get to see her that much. Just a few days back in Vienna, my friends and I went to Budapest and had a couple of great early summer days there before we had to go back to the library.




Traveling to Japan and living there for a few months has to be the most exciting thing I did in 2017. I published a few blogposts about the cities I visited, but there is a slightly huge, photography based Tokyo post coming your way in a couple of days as I never posted anything about the city I lived in during summer. I met a lot of great people in Tokyo, two of them being from my University who I never had met before. I gained so much medical knowledge as a Clinical Clerkship in Japan is more theory based then practical and learned about a different Healthcare System, a different way to deal with illness and death and about a beautiful culture with so many facets. I ate some of the best food I had in my entire life, saw the most beautiful nature and I pushed my boundaries by hiking Japans highest mountain in pitch black while suffering from altitude illness to watch the sunrise.



Another very physical challenging event this year was the 34th Vienna City Half marathon for me. As I wrote in my New Years resolution for 2017, I really wanted to get into running and fitness in generell this year and setting a goal like the half marathon really worked for me. I’m really proud that I run it but mostly, I’m really happy about the fact that I trained for it. A few years ago, I would never believe that I would someday run 21 km without passing out half way through, but here we go!


In October, I started year 4 of Medical School. I can’t believe how time flies by so fast and how far I’ve come on my journey to become a doctor. In the beginning of the semester, I finally found a topic I’m really interested in for my Diploma thesis. I have worked on my thesis a lot in the last couple of months and I love having a little project to my own and decide how much I spend time on it. Really excited how it is going to turn out in the new year.

I have the most relaxed semester of my life right now which I value a lot. Besides spending my free time on my thesis, I did so many things in Vienna I always wanted to do but never found time for it and really started to explore the city a bit more. I also dedicated quite a bit of time to my hobbies and specially to my blog and managed to do a whole Blogmas!

Films, Series and Books

On another note, 2017 has been an interesting year speaking of the entertaining industry. I have a huge passion for films and books and dedicate a lot of my time to the art industry, so I’m always super excited of new releases. I feel like this year was crazy on the huge blockbuster/Hollywood pieces, but there are some films which I absolutely loved! Please keep in mind that I live in Germany/Austria and the release dates are far different. I haven’t had a chance yet to watch Lady Bird, Baby Driver and Call me by your name as they haven’t been released yet and I still have to watch Blade Runner 2049! In the beginning of the year, I watched LION and I cried my eyes out, it shows such a beautiful, emotional and real story. My other favourites are definitely Split, Mother!, The Beguiled and Okja.

I feel like there have been so many great shows lately that it is hard to keep up with all of them, but my top three would be The Handmaid’s Tale, the new season of Mr Robot and This is Us. While being in Japan, I also binge watched Big little Lies which was absolutely amazing and heartbreaking. Another favourite of mine has to be Game of Thrones. I know, GOT is going on for a while, but I just watched the first season this summer. I never really gave it a chance because it didn’t really sound like something I would enjoy, but I love it and finished the last season in December! I’m really excited to watch the new Season of Black Mirror as well, I’m sure it is going to be amazingly disturbing as always!

I got to read so much this year which makes me incredibly happy! Unfortunately sometimes with Uni in my back, I fall out of reading, but this year I got back to it! I have a long list of books I want to read, so I didn’t read anything which was released this year yet, but I have to major favourites which are Murakamis Kafka on the Shore and Nabokovs huge and controversial classic Lolita. I also just listened to Lauren Grahams Talking as fast as you can  and as a huge Gilmore Girls lover, I enjoyed this audiobook so much!

I’m really excited for 2018 and all the adventures to come! It’s going to be a super busy year for me, but I’m really looking forward to it! I wish you all a lovely new years eve, be safe and take care and have the best start into the New Year! Cheers!



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