Christmas eve | Blogmas Day 24

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope you had wonderful festive days so far and great days to come with lots of good food, your family and friends and a few days to relax. I can’t believe that today is the last day of Blogmas, it was my first time of participating in Blogmas and I absolutely loved it. Thank you to everyone who read my posts, commented and subscribed, your support really means a lot to me!

I have two more post coming up in 2017 and a few plans for this blog for 2018 which among other things includes to upload more regularly as I discovered during Blogmas how happy it makes me to work on this blog!


We exchanged our presents in the early evening and had our delicious annular Christmas dinner with goose, dumplings, gravy and red cabbage, while my brother got his chicken and for desert my parents and I had baked apples with Marzipan. We watched The last Unicorn as we always do, had a fire crackling at our fireplace and finished the day with an episode of Planet Earth.

So here we are, thank you for reading my last post of Blogmas 2017. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas eve!

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