Last day of Uni and flying home for Christmas | Blogmas Day 22

Hello lovelies, I hope you are doing well and are excited for the holidays! I feel like todays post is a bit of a transition one as I’m getting ready to leave Vienna for Christmas!

Yesterday morning I wrapped all my presents while watching The perks of being a Wallflower, packed, tidied my apartment and went to my last seminar of 2017. The seminar was about internal medicine, icterus to be specific. It was nice to wish everyone merry Christmas, returning my books for the term and really getting ready for the festive days at home!

So a few of you maybe know that I moved to Vienna to study Medicine, but I’m actually from Hamburg! So I will spend my Christmas holidays at home in Hamburg with my family and friends and take a very early flight tomorrow morning.


All of my non- medical student friends have already left town as their holidays started earlier, but I managed to meet one of my friends who is still here and we went for lunch at Stadtcafeย to get burgers and chips. I always struggle with what to eat on the last day before I leave Vienna for a longer period, because it’s not worth it to go grocery shopping for only one day, so it’s sometimes more convenient to go out for a meal!


The Stadtcafeย is next to this gorgeous Palais called Ferstel. The hallway looks just like a magical dream, specially around this time of the year. There are a lot of shops and little cute and old fashioned viennese cafes in there, so it’s definitely worth a look!


After lunch we decided to go for a tea at a cafe called Phil! The greatest thing about this cafe is that there are books and magazines everywhere and you can have a flick through them while you enjoy your hot drink. As we had each others company and had a lot of catching up to do, we didn’t use that opportunity, but I spottet a lot of people who sat on their own and enjoyed a good book!


After hanging out in city centre for a while, I went home to prepare my flat and pack for my flight. As you are reading this, I’ll be at home in Hamburg which is so exciting! Really looking forward to see our beautiful decorated family house and spend some quality time at home! I hope you had a great (and hopefully last) day at Uni, work, school or last minute Christmas shopping!


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