My Skincare Routine | Blogmas Day 19

I feel like a lot of people don’t know that about me, but I’m really into skincare! I love to try out facemasks and get really excited by spending money on skin products (haha anyone else here?). My interest in skincare drastically grow when spend a few months in Japan this summer. I feel like everyone there has the most amazing skin and they really take their skincare seriously, specially in summer with all the UV exposure. I got a bit out of control when I visited Tokyos Korea Town Shin Okubo, specially with all the amazing facemasks!

Kose Medicated Sekkisei

I remember reading somewhere that every Japanese woman has a little blue bottle of Sekkisei on her bedside table. Sekkisei is a super popular Japanese skincare line and one of my faves as well. When my brother went to Japan about 2 years ago, I was looking for some skincare products and read a ton of reviews and even asked my lovely friend in Japan if she could recommend something. She told me about Sekkisei and I asked my brother for the Lotion. I used it every single day until I emptied it, but luckily I got myself another bottle this summer. I use it in the evenings before going to bed. The Lotion doesn’t change anything drastically on your skin but I wake up with nice moisturized skin every day and I feel it brightened up my skin so much since I’m using it!

White In Milk Toner by G9 skin

This one is a Korean brand and has milk protein extract in it to brighten the skin and moisture. I absolutely love this product, not only because it actually works and brighten my skin up sooo much (specially after getting a slightly irritated skin during the hot and humid summer in Japan) but also because of the smell! I apply the Toner in the mornings after washing my face.

Tomato Whitening Toner by Skinfood

This is another (very popular) Korean brand with 10% tomato extract and Vitamin C in it. It  helped me a lot with balancing out my skin tone and irregularities. I usually apply this toner after removing my makeup (using a regular Micellar water by Garnier) and washing my face in the evening.

Zero Oil Cleanser by Origins

I’m using this cleanser for years now and I’m really happy with it. I feel like it is a very neutral and mild product and it just leaves my skin super clean and refreshed so I always find myself reaching for it! I use this one in the morning and in the evening.

GinZing Eye Cream by Origins

I few years ago I couldn’t even be bothered to use any eye cream, I usually just used the moisturizer for my face on my eyes as well. But my Mum kept telling me how important a good Eye Cream is, so I decided to give this one by Origins a try (as I already used their products anyway). It is so rich, super refreshing and really helps to reduce the puffiness I sometimes have, so it is a winner for me for four years now.


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