Friendships | Blogmas Day 17

At this time of the year, people often find them selfs reflecting on their life and specially the past year which has almost come to an end. And so am I.

A topic which is stuck in my head for a while now and was hugely present in my life this year is Friendship as a result of many good moments but unfortunately a few less happy ones as well. Of course as I’m sure for most of people, I had my disappointed, trust injuring, betrayed energy sucking moments, but this post is not going to be about that. I feel like I’m constantly changing my image on that every year I get a bit older and my awareness of the importance of good Friendships increased drastically.

A few years ago I started to understand the meaning of a toxic friendship and how important it is that no matter how attached you are to memories and emotions to just let go. I learned that there a people who you need during a specific period in your life but when this period has ended, they let each other go. I learned how easy handled long distance Friendships can turn into a difficult one. I learned to open up about thoughts and emotions which I never did when I was younger and also to let others emotions, struggles and problems into my life by just being there. And also and most importantly, I learned that great and deep friendships never die, no matter if you haven’t spoken or met for a while and how in times of all seriousness people who fell apart can find their ways back to each other.




Cheers to many more years of friendship with food sessions, serious talks on Kitchen tables, crying with laughter, days of exploring Vienna, Sunday brunches, cosy movie evenings, vino, Din-Hau slips, future talks, L’Osteria and Cinema days, dreaming of traveling while being broke talks and growing up together.

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