A Day of studying and writing my thesis | Blogmas Day 12

I know Blogmas is all about the festivity and the Christmas mood, but today I thought I’d share a pretty typical of studying, going to classes for University and writing. I’l have my last day at Uni for the year on the 22th of December, so there is a bit left of Uni stuff before Christmas!


Today I woke up at around 7 am, had a pumpkin and cashew butter porridge and made my way to the library. We do have lectures every day from 8am to 12pm, but unfortunately I’m not a lectures person and tend to work by myself.

I mostly study at the library of the University of Vienna, but as some of you guys maybe know, I don’t actually study at the main University but at the Medical University as I’m a 4th year Medical student. I choose to study at the main Uni library because – I mean just look at it!


I had so many study days there but I can’t get over the beauty of this library. The medical library is actually at the University Hospital and a very sad and depressing place to study compared to this gorgeousness.

At the moment I don’t have a lot of exams or course work to do, which is very untypical for my Uni, but I take advantage of that and work on my diploma thesis right now. I’m basically writing a research protocol and an abstract of my work to handle that in for theย ethics committee to approve the research. I hope I can get that done by Friday! I have a danish exam next Monday as well for which I’currently studying.

At around 12:30 I had to leave the library to had over to the Medical University for a class we had. It was all about performance diagnostics and Sports Medicine. We finished at 2:30 and I went straight to the gym (ironically) for an one hour class and did some cardio work. I decided to do go home and study there for the rest of the day, just because the library gets packed in the afternoon and there was no chance for me to get a seat.


I had some leftovers from the weekend which was a beetroot risotto with pumpkin and goat cheese (I don’t cook that fancy during the week haha), so I had that for a late lunch and continued writing on my desk!


I stoped working on the thesis at around 8 pm because I couldn’t concentrate anymore (and it was just enough for the day) and just relaxed a bit and soon I started to write up this blogpost! I have a super busy day tomorrow and the day after, but I really hope I can manage all the work I intend to do. Hope you liked this kind of a day in my life post and let me know what you are up to at the moment!


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