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I feel like in this day and age it is very hard in the film industry to create a TV-show which stands out. There are so many excellent shows with a huge audience that get the overhand and on the other hand everything is affected by how great the Promotion and Advertising is.

This autumn/winter was definitely a winner season for me personally in which I discovered/watched great shows and one of them which I’d like to write about in todays Blogmas Post is This is Us. I really like to keep up with was has been released in a certain year, I watched all the award shows every year and read a lot about new films and shows. Weirdly enough, I heard about it a while ago, but I always thought it is some kind of comedy and as I don’t tend to watch comedies, I kind of forgot about it again. My brother then told me in early October that I would love this show and I had to watch it, so I did. I got hooked from the pilot on (which is one of the best pilots I’ve ever seen) and this show became one of my all time faves.

I don’t really know how to give a plot description without giving too much away, but I’ll try my best. The story is following the life of a few strong, struggling, beautiful characters, all of them are very different to each other, but they have more in common as the audience discovers in episode one already. The plot jumps between time periods of their lives, connecting and solving questions and the life story of each of them slowly begins.

This show is all about the emotions. I cry in every single episode, happy cries, surprised cries and sad cries. I haven’t watched many series that are so pure and real then this one.  I’ve been smiling and laughing, shocked and happy and basically felt all the emotions. The Characters are incredible lovable, honest, relatable and complex. Sometimes I forgot that I watch a created world, it gets very real. There are a couple of amazing plot twists, one really, really heavy one included.

The cast is one of the best casts I’ve seen on TV and a really surprising one as well, they have a hell lot of chemistry, I feel like they get along with each other in real life so, so well and the acting is just on point.

I really want everyone who starts this show to have as less knowledge about it as possible, so I’m leaving the review here by saying: stop everything you do and go and watch the pilot. And I mean really watch it, without being distracted on your phone or having the episode in the background. As I said, this is about emotions, so being here in the moment is important! And don’t watch any trailers or read about the plot in a more detailed way, it will be worth it!

“If at some point in your life, you find the way to show somebody the same kindness that your parents showed you, that’s all the present I’ll need.” (- This is Us, 2016-)

I decided to post this recommendation on todays Blogmas because specially during this time of the year, there is nothing better then to enjoy a show like this! Please let me know if you have already watched it or are going to and I’d love to hear your opinion!


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