A day trip to Salzburg | Blogmas Day 8

I have been living in Vienna for three years now, but I never discover Austria at all. I don’t know what it is but I tend to fly further away for holidays then to actual explore the country I live in. Do you feel me?

So this year I decided to change that and to explore more of Austria. I planed to go to Salzburg near Christmas time for a while now. I booked a one day ticket a few days before my last exam and yesterday I finally got to visit it. I had the worst weather you could possibly imagine for seight seeing, but I tried to stay positiv in the beginning and to power trough a mix of ice cold rain, wind, temperature around 2 degree celsius and a little snow storm!


It took my around 2 hours with the train from Vienna to Salzburg, and after arriving at the central station, I decided to walk to the old town! Salzburg is pretty small, so you can basically discover everything by walking, but the weather was a bit of a challenge!



The Christmas markets were super cute, really small but detailed and cosy. After walking through them, I decided to visit the Dom, which was extraordinary beautiful. I originally planed to stay until 7 pm to have a full day in the city, but I was soaking wet from head to toe and seriously through my hands would die away, so I went back to the central station around 4 pm and took the train back.

I really liked what I saw of Salzburg so far, but I definitely have to go back someday to fully explore the city. Anyway, I’m glad I went and I had a really nice day off Uni exploring!

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