Seeing a play at Burgtheater | Blogmas Day 7


One of the greatest things about living in Vienna are the endless culture offers and visiting the Burgtheater to see a play was definitely high up on my current list to do. A few weeks ago, my sweet friends got me a ticket for my birthday to see a play with them! I was super excited! The play we watched is called Geächtet which is a german word for ostracised.


The play was written by Ayad Akhtar and is basically about a young, successful lawyer who is emotionally conflicted by his ethnic origin and religion background. The play shows his interactions with his loved ones, as well as colleagues and strangers in a very Carnage set up in the heart of New York City. I don’t want to give too much away, so I thing I leave it here plot wise. Although I have some issues with this plot the more I think about it, I really enjoyed the acting and some main messages from the play.


The theatre was just stunning, very viennese and majestic. I’m really happy that I finally could see a play there! I have a lot of cultural things to do on my list right now, so I’m really excited for what comes next!


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