Christmas Q & A | Blogmas Day 4

Today, as you reading this post right now, is the day of my last (hopefully, please wish me luck!) exam of the year! It is quite a stressful one, so I was busy in the last couple of days, studying everything about ECG and how to result different cardiac diseases! Therefore I couldn’t go out and explore Vienna in Christmas or do a fun DIY! So I thought I would post a very easy, laid back Christmas Q&A.


What does your Christmas tree look like?

My parents always get a real Christmas tree from a Christmas tree field at home and I’m usually in the charge of decorating it. We’ve got most of the Christmas Decorations and baubles for years, so they have a bit of a sentimental meaning to us, there even are two baubles which my brother and I made our selfs during primary school. The colour scheme is gold, white, purple, silver and bronze  – so it’s quite colourful (as you can see on the photo above!)


What is your fave part of Christmas dinner and what does your family have for Christmas?

We always have the same Christmas dinner for Christmas eve – a goose roast (my brother gets chicken because he doesn’t like goose), homemade dumplings, gravy and red cabbage. For desert we always have baked apples with chocolate and marzipan fillings. My favourite part is the dumplings – I usually don’t like dumplings, but Mums are the best!


What is your fave Christmas film?

A Christmas Carol – specially the animated version of 1997, and Disneys Christmas Gift. I grew up watching both and I absolutely love them. I just posted a Blogpost on my favourite Christmas movies yesterday if you want to check that one out!


When do you open your presents?

We have the Christmas Dinner at Christmas eve and we open the presents at the same day (24th) before dinner!


Who is the person you love to buy a present for?

That’s a hard one. I love giving people presents, but I feel like my favourite person to buy for is my Mum, because she never buys anything for herself, so it’s nice to treat her!


When and how did you find out that Santa doesn’t exists?

I must been around six or seven years old and I remember being obsessed with a pair of leggings and begged my Mum to get me them. She didn’t wanted to get me them but on Christmas eve, I found them under the tree and I somehow thought did Mum buy them? And I feel like my Mum just told me the truth back then after I had my doubts!


Have you ever had a white Christmas?

I’m from Hamburg which is in the north of Germany and I had a few white Christmas in the past when I was very young but we didn’t had any white Christmas days for years sadly. Luckily I get a lot of Snow during the build up to Christmas in Vienna before I fly home!


What was your favourite Christmas ever?

One of my favourite Christmas has been 2014. I just moved abroad to Vienna and hadn’t seen my family for months, it was very exciting to fly home and experience Christmas from a slightly more adult perspective. Everybody was super excited and was in a great festive mood. I also had my very first Christmas party with my friends at my home which I organised and cooked all by my self, so that was really special too.


Who cooks the Christmas dinner?

My Dad does the main part with the roast and the stuffing, my Mum cooks the dumplings and the other side dishes and I help with dessert!


What’s your favourite Christmas drink?

A peppermint hot chocolate – homemade or the one from Costa! I’m preparing a blogpost of three of my favourite festive drinks, one including the hot chocolate!


What are you most excited about this Christmas?

I’m very excited to fly back home for Christmas and just spend time with my family, but also one of the most exciting parts of this Christmas is definitely Blogmas for me. I usually have a lot of Uni work during December so I can’t really enjoy the build up to Christmas, but this year we’ve got quite a loose schedule at uni, so I can’t wait to do more festive things this year and share it with you!




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