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It is that time of the year and there is nothing better then watching christmassy/festive films and count the days until Christmas to get into the festive mood ! I have my little list of faves for years now and watch them every December!

So this are my all time favourite movies I like to watch during December/Christmas. I have to warn you in advance, the list is missing some huge Christmas movies like Elf, Home Alone or the Grinch! A lot of people get a bit weirded out by that, but to be honest, I never watched this movies when I was a child so they don’t have any nostalgic value for me and I feel like Nostalgia is a huge part of Christmas! Anyways, I would love to hear from you what your favourites are and if you share some of mine! So here we are:


Hugo Cabret 

Hugo Cabret is the story of an orphan boy who lives all alone on a railway station in Paris in the 30s.  Hugos father, a kind and loving man, used to be a watchmaker and fixed the huge clock at the station for many years. His and his sons passion have always been the mechanical world. Unfortunately, Hugos father dies in a great fire, but he leaves his son a old, mysterious and magical mechanical man, which needs a special key to work. Hugo makes it his mission to fix the mechanical man and is desperately trying to keep the little spark of connection is has got left with his father.

I absolutely adore this film and it’s definitely under my top 3 films I watch every year around Christmas time.


The Holiday

So this story is based in London and in Los Angeles and tells the story of two woman, Iris Simpkins and Amanda Woods, who couldn’t be more different but have one thing in common: they are very unhappy.  After a major crisis in both of their lives, they decide  to spontaneously contact each other through a house/life exchange website to switch their lives for the holidays, leaving everything and everybody behind of their old life.

This is one of this films which gives me major cozy vibes. And of course, there is Jude Law.


A Christmas Carol

This movie has to be my all time favourite. There is no Christmas for me without this one. I’m sure that most of you know the concept and the plot of A Christmas Carol but for those who doesn’t, here is a short one: Miser Ebenezer Scrooge hates Christmas with all his heart, he despises the poor and is a bitter, lonely old man. At one night before Christmas, he gets visited by three ghosts, one of Christmas past, one of Christmas present and one of Christmas future, and their journey of self reflection begins.

I watched every adaption of a Christmas Carol, but my favourites by far are Mickey’s Christmas Carol and the animated adaption from 1997. I had both of them on VHS and they are a huge part of my childhood.


Love Actually

I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know this one! The movie tells the story of eight love stories who are all set a few weeks before Christmas in London. The cast and the soundtrack are amazing and I feel like there is no Christmas presents packing without having this film on the background for me.


Notting Hill

I have watched this film at least 20 times and I still am in love with it. It is not necessary a Christmas film, but it gives me major Christmas/festive vibes. And also, it is one of my fave romantic movies ever. The story is based in London and is about William Thacker, a ordinary, slightly bored bookshop owner in Notting Hill, whos shop gets visited by Hollywood star actress Anna Scott. After a few unfortunate occasions they fall in love with each other, but the daily struggles of dating a famous person comes through their way.


The Last Unicorn

This one has nothing to do with christmas in the sense people expect when they see a christmas films list, but it is on my one because it is on TV on Christmas eve every year, so it became one of my faves. The last Unicorn is the story about a Unicorn, who doesn’t want to accept that it might be the last one on earth. So it decides to go on a journey all the way to the castle of King Haggard, a journey full of danger and riddles, joined by a magician called Schmendrick and a dreamer called Molly.

I don’t think that there are a lot of people who actually watched this movie. The Animation is intense and not like something I can easily compare it to; the Soundtrack is beautiful and the story is just one of the magical stories people love for so many years!


The Polar Express

That one on the other hand is a total Christmassy one indeed! The movie is about a boy, who is not sure about the existence of Santa Claus and who boards on on a magical train with lots of other children, which goes directly to the North Pole and to Santa Claus’s home.

That one is a total classic and is definitely on my list every single year!



This story is about a woman and a man, Sara and Jonathan, who meet each other while buying gloves in a shop in Manhattan during Christmas time. There is a initial spark between them, but there are not the right circumstances. So they decide to split up and see, if destiny (or serendipity) brings them back together. Many years later, they both have separate lives but they still believe that soulmates are meant to be with each other and destiny will bring them together again.

This is a super romantic, slightly cheesy movie, it is very festive (and I feel like everything based in Manhattan during Winter is festive) and the perfect watch for me during december.


About A Boy

Another not very traditional Christmas movies, but it is definitely high on my list! Marcus Brewer is only 12 years old but has to deal with serious issues: a serious depressed mum and being bullied at school without any friends left. His only goal in life is to make his mother happy, which is a hard daily mission. On the other hand, there is Will Freeman, a bored 30 something single man who lives his life in meaningless days. One day, both of the lonely souls meet and a special friendship develops.

I love About A Boy. It makes me cry every single time, it is funny, heartwarming and emotional and for me, a perfect festive film.


A Disneys Christmas Gift

I think I started watching this mini episodes when I was around two years old – my parents used to record them on VHS. I had to include this one because – again like Christmas Carol – it builds a huge chunk of my childhood Christmas.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher stone

I don’t think I need to add anything to that one, right?





    1. I know sooo many people who agree with you! Home Alone is definitely a classic, I strangely just never really watched it when I was younger, blaming my parents for that haha

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