Decorating my flat for Christmas | Blogmas Day 1


When I got my very first own flat over two years ago after living in a students dorm without any permission of decorating my room, you can easily imagine my excitement of creating my little cosy space. And of course, I have to decorate my flat for the build up to Christmas.

I made this little door ornament by myself by buying two fake tree branches from Nanu Nana (but you can get them in every decor/crafty shop!) and basically put anything I liked on it!ย I never get a tree and I don’t really like to get my own tree because it is a family tradition back in my parents home to get and decorate the tree together, but I feel like the garland is a nice replacement for that.



I dried this oranges a few days ago and it is seriously the easiest but festive thing to do! All you need to do is to grab a couple of oranges, dry them with kitchen paper and put them on a baking sheet to bake them in the oven on a very low temperature for 2-3 hours. When there are cool down, they get very hard and crispy and have the most delicious Christmas-Orange smell!

The red and white reindeer bedsheets are from Primark from ages ago, but I recently found thisย cute Asda one as well and absolutely love it. The pretty red and green throw is a new addition I got just a few days ago from TK maxxย and it’s the cosiest thing ever! There is nothing better then a fluffy throw, warm socks and a good book on this cold December days!


Another very easy, but super festive and (in my opinion) slightly impressive looking DIY are this 3D Snowflakes! They are so easy and fun to make and only require white paper, a scissor and glue! And also, you could use fancy coloured paper and make them in any sizes! There is a great youtube tutorial on how to make this gorgeous snowflakes, so check that one out if you want to make them!


And of course, I had to get out my selection of christmassy teas and treats! To be honest, I drink/eat them all year around, (as you can see from the almost empty looking jar of Lindor pralines) but they still put me in a festive mood!


I hope you liked my little Christmas flat toor and I would absolutely love to see how you decorate your place for this time of the year!

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