I went apple picking!


On the second weekend I came back from Japan to Hamburg, my parents and I decided to visit the Altes Land, a southern part of Hamburg, where we could pick up our own apples. I have to admit, we’ve never been there before even though I was born and raced in Hamburg and my parents live there for almost 30 years. It’s just one of this things where you forget the beauty around you sometimes, if you stay in one place for a long time.

Anyways, on a Saturday we decided to drive about 50 minutes to pick up some delicious fresh apples – is there anything better then homemade apple pie, marmalades, creamy cinnamon apple porridge and baked apples with a melted chocolate core in autumn?


There are so many options of where to go apple picking in the Altes Land, but we decided to go to the Herzapfelhof. The picking itself is super easy, we just had to grab the size and amount of baskets we would like to get and went to the fields. There is even an option to adopt an apple tree, so nobody could ever pick from that tree except for you.


We were quite lucky weatherwise and enjoyed three sunny hours at the apple farm and in the end, we had 8 kilograms of apples. My parents decided to get fresh apple juice as well.


On our way home, we stopped to enjoy this beautiful view of our city! I love this kind of little trips, specially with my family.


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