Budapest, Hungary

I have to say, this year is quite a traveling year for me so far and I’m super grateful for that. Using the advantages of studying in Vienna, a city which is so close to many interesting and beautiful countries, I try to visit as many places as I can while living there.

I’ve been to Budapest in my first year at University, back in 2014, around Christmas time, but I happily chose Budapest again to experience the city in summer time.

My friends and I went only for a weekend as we’re still in the middle of exam period, but it was a nice and needed little break!


After checking in in our AirBnb, we went for lunch at the downtown Market, A Belvarosi Piac. Surrounded by varies of Salamis, Chilis, and a huge food court and after an hour of making hard decisions, we sat in front of the market at a nice little park and enjoyed our lunch in the best weather we could possibly wish for.


In the center city of Pest, a few of us decided to visit the St. Stephans Basilika and climb up 297 stairs (you can also choose to use a lift!) to have the most beautiful and stunning view of Budapest.fullsizeoutput_222bfullsizeoutput_222dfullsizeoutput_222efullsizeoutput_2233IMG_8857IMG_8868IMG_8870fullsizeoutput_2234fullsizeoutput_2236fullsizeoutput_2238

As our AirBnb was just in the jewish district, a very lively area of Budapest with lots of shops, cafes, Restaurants and bars, we ate there all the time. There was just too much to choose from and everything we had there was very delicious. Unfortunately, we couldn’t try the Bors GasztroBar, a super popular little takeaway with a variety of Sandwiches and Soups, as the queues were so long all the time, but it’s definitely on my list for my next trip to Budapest!

On our second day, we went to the Hero’s Square (Hösök tere), to see the statues of the important national leaders and walked around in the city park for quite a while.


In the late afternoon, we decided to join a three hours free walking tour. Our guide was a twenty-something student from Hungary who moved to Budapest for her studies. It was super informative and interesting to hear so much about the History of Budapest and Hungary in generell and I would highly recommend it.


We finished to tour in the heart of Buda’s castle District and went for some late afternoon tea at the Ruszwurm Cafe. I had the Ruszwurm Cream Cake, which is a classical hungarian pastry with a rich cream and a crispy dough which made me instantly happy! IMG_9008fullsizeoutput_2258fullsizeoutput_225aIMG_9033

We spend our last night walking to the Danube again to see the beautiful and peaceful town and both sides, Buda and Pest, in the dark. A perfect end for our perfect little trip.



  1. Thanks for sharing this post and your experience!
    The photos really provide great insight into the city and the atmosphere!!

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