Bologna, Italy

I always wanted to visit Bologna and since the flight from Bologna to Cagliari was super cheap compared to a direct flight from Vienna, I took the opportunity to spend two days in that beautiful city.


I took the night bus from Vienna to Bologna and after 10 hours I arrived in a sunny, lively and historical city with lots to explore. I spend a whole day walking around in the old town, explore the little lanes and get to know the heart of the city. The whole city has this beautiful deep orange-brown mediterranean buildings which I loved, there are Restaurants and food markets in every little corner and watching people relaxing in parks and enjoying some good food and vine while sitting in the sun became easily my favourite thing to do for sure. And of course I had to visit the students district and the oldest University in Europe, established 1088.



When I came back from Cagliari, I stayed in a beautiful airbnb in Bologna for one night and left the next morning to fly back to Hamburg. I would love to come back to Bologna to explore (and eat!) more as there was so much I couldn’t do on my short trip there! My little trip to Italy was so much needed after a quite stressful time at Uni and I enjoyed every bit of it!


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