Cagliari, Sardinia

For Spring Break I decided to visit my good friend in Cagliari before heading back home enjoying Easter with my family. I’ve only been to Rome and always wanted to explore more places and cities in Italy, specially the south. I took the bus from Vienna to Bologna, followed by taking the plane from Bologna to Cagliari (quite a journey, but a lovely one indeed), excited to meet my friend who spend her time as an Erasmus student in Sardinia and who I hadn’t seen since two months.


I immediately fell in love with Cagliari, a small pretty town with a super old soul, struggling with not taking a picture of every small narrow alleys and little Restaurants in every corner. Every little spot has been full of life, warmth and something to explore.


It started to get very hot when I arrived, so we took the opportunity to visit the beautiful Cala Fighera Beach, hiking and enjoying the beautiful view in Calamosca.


One of my favourite spots in Cagliari has got to be the Marina, the Harbour, specially the sinking boat. Just walking along the Harbour, people watching and waiting for the sunset became my favourite thing to do.


And of course, there is no Blogpost about anything italian not mentioning the food. Sardinia is known for their Seafood and Fish, so we went to Trattoria L’Infinito. We shared the Antipasti (and lots of Vino) and ordered a Seafood Risotto and a Crayfish Spaghetti dish. Everything was super delicious and I wish I could eat the Antipasti everyday for the rest of my life!


On my last day, we went to a huge italian food market, where we had delicious fresh fried Calamari for Brunch. I couldn’t get over all the fresh vegetables and fruits, the bright colours, fresh handmade little baked goods and tons of Mortadella and Cheese.


I will definitely go back and explore more of Sardinia in the future and I hope you’ve got some Inspiration for your next potential trip! x



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