Studying is a Privilege

We all know this feeling after a semester break, before huge important exams, seminars, deadlines, stucked in front of a huge pile of books, papers, lost in the grey deep world of an academic ball of wool, starring out of the window, imagining the world outside just happily flying by while you are just there, cursing your course, your professor, the University, the studying.

It’s so easy to fall into that grey cloud of triviality, having a daily routine filled up with caffeine, junk food, leak of sleep, constant stress trickers, the desire for more, for comfort, ease, time for your friends, time for your self, basically having time as your constant enemy.

But here is the thing which I’m very aware of, but often finding myself repressing it. I  try to constantly remind myself. I own the world, the society, and most importantly, myself a though.

Studying is a Privilege in our world, a gift and nothing less. Still. Sadly.

Because you hear terrifying bangs so often on a daily bases that you lost count.

Because of the quantity of Melanin human body produces.

Because you don’t know what letters are.

Because you are a woman.

Because you belong to a caste.

Because your Father or Brother or Mother or Sister hasn’t come back yet.

Because you have to take care of another human.

Because simply where?

Because you have been told you are worthless.

Because you took a different road.

Because you can’t effort.

Because everything is dust.

Because you don’t have a place to sleep.

Because you don’t know what you love.

Because you are isolated.

Because of your believes.

Because there is just too much broken.

Because you have bright scars.

Because there is no support.

Because you’ve been forgotten.

Because you are fighting.

Because simply why?

Because of different constellations of Proteins.

Because coloured paper defines.

Because you are hungry.

Because you can’t.

Making sure to use our privilege and get the most out of it on a daily basis is so important. Because it is our duty to the world – in order to turn that privilege into what it should have been yesterday. A Right.

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