A Day in Hamburg

I’m always SO surprised how easy it is to forget about the beauty of your own home, the place you live and the memories you made during years while always chasing to travel to beautiful places and seeing new spots of the world. When I’ve got friends over visiting me in Hamburg or in Vienna, I always take a moment to appreciate the beautiful environment I take for granted every day.

A few days ago two of my very good friends who I met in Vienna came to visit me for a couple of days during mid Winter break, so we did quite a bit of sightseeing  to the most important spots in Hamburg.



Starting at the city center, we went to the City Hall of Hamburg to explore the official rooms of the government and the parliament and walked by the “Alsterarkaden” and the Alster, a tributary of the river called Elbe. We were super lucky with the weather, as Hamburg is pretty rainy specially during February.


We walked from the city centre to the warehouse district, which has an UNESCO status and is one of my favourite spots in Hamburg. From there we walked to the harbour, enjoyed some fish sandwiches and took the ferry to the Elbphilharmonie.


The next stop had to be at one of my favourite cafes in Hamburg – Herr Max for some Cake and Coffee filling up our Energy after hours of sightseeing.

After a long nice walk through the Elbe Tunnel, we took the subway to a japanese All you can Eat Restaurant called Kofookoo, where we had a delicious selection of sushi and small japanese dishes.


I hope you had a lovely weekend and maybe a bit of Inspiration for your next trip! x


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