Coconut and Cucumber Spaghetti Salad | Recipe

Last time when I went to my home city, I tried a new vietnamese restaurant and for the starter I got a salad similar to this one. I absolutely loved it! So I went home in created a little easy recipe and since then I almost had it every day. It has a lot of cucumber and coconut in it and a refreshing apple vinegar sauce – a perfect combination.
I think it would be a perfect summer salad in those hot July/August days, but honestly I really enjoy having it as an refreshing afternoon treat right now, specially when I’m studying, but also as an heathy booster in this bloody freezing cold days right now.
So thats all you need:
– half of a cucumber (I don’t peel mine because I like the texture like that)
– half of a lemon
– a handful of natural coconut chips
– one teaspoon of sesame
– three spoons of apple vinegar
– one teaspoon of marple syrup
– half a teaspoon of sesame oil


The fun part of this salad is the cucumber spaghetti – I use a spiralizer to get the perfect veggie spaghetti, but obviously you can also slice the cucumber in super thin slices.

For the sauce you basically just combine the vinegar, lemon juice, sesame oil and marple syrup together.
Then you just pour the sauce on top of the cucumber and give it a good stir and finally you sprinkle the coconut and sesame on top.

Bon appetit! x

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