What I ate in London

London is one of my favourite cities to visit for so many reasons. There is such a huge variety in culture, architecture and people, I love the super busy vibe next to the cosy little lanes and the fact that there is always something to explore, watch or do in London.
But most importantly I love the food and the possibility to basically get every cuisine you could think of.

As I’ve been to London a couple of times and basically did all the touristy activities, my main goals are based on what shows I’d like to see, visiting my favourite places and experiencing new restaurants and food places.
The first place we went to was Abeno to have some Chicken-Soba noodles and Okonomi-yaki, a japanese styled Omlette/Pancake with Bacon and cabbage and some fish flakes on the top. We sat next to the hotplate and watched the cook preparing our delicious lunch with fresh and nourishing ingredients while having lovely conversations with him. I tried Okonomi-yaki for the first time and it was delicious. My brother enjoyed some Soba noodles which was so good too.

The next day we decided to went to Wahaca to have some yummy mexican food. I heard so much about this restaurant from Yelp and some Youtubers recommendations, so I had to try it out and I didn’t regret it at all and it became one of my favourite restaurants I tried in London so far.
I ordered a british steak burrito with some tortilla chips and guacamole on the side. My brother and my friend ordered some tacos, sweet potatos and Quesadillas as well and let me tell you, every dish was absolutely delicious and so fresh!

One of my favourite Restaurants in London is definitely Shoryu Ramen and I had to visit it again. This place has the best Ramen soup I’ve ever tasted (considering I haven’t been to Japan yet). The soup is so rich, creamy and filled with delicious spices which makes a cold winter day exploring London perfect.


My go to snack while staying in London is always going to be Ben’s Cookies! I’m obsessed with this gooey, perfect cookies since I lived in Oxford, so I had to get a whole box to take with me back to vienna. My favourites are the ginger cookie and the triple chocolate one!

Finally, we decided to try a new burger place, so we went to Patty & Bun. I took the lunch menue offer and tried the Smokey Robinson Burger with some Rosemary Chips and I absolutely loved it.

Hope you enjoyed this little culinary post! x

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