Homemade Lemon & Ginger spiced Tea

I really, really love tea and specially when I’m studying at home I always need a can of tea next to me. This delicious ginger Tea is based on only four ingredients and is so easy to make. I find it really refreshes me and wakes me up. Besides that it’s really good for you and a huge energy booster specially during this cold study days and seriously is there anything better then ginger (and chocolate of course) during this time of the year?

So thats what you need and how you create your lovely tea:

Basically you need to create a base of lemon and ginger. You decide how much you use depending on who sour and spicy you want your tea to be. I usually boil about one and a half liters of water and let it rest for 10-15 minutes. Then I use the juice of one whole lemon and cut the remains of the lemon into slices and put them into the can.
Then I use a grater with really fine pores to grate the ginger, I usually use about a piece in a size of a walnut as I like it quite spicy.
Now for the spice and seasoning use about a teaspoon of grounded cinnamon, or one small cinnamon stick and about five pieces of cardamon ( I usually peel the cardamon or ground them to get the most flavour of them).
You can enjoy your tea hot or with some ice cubes in it to have a lovely homemade ice tea and even sweeten it up with honey.
I really hope you enjoy this tea as much as I do!



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