Everybody: Please go and watch Mr Robot!


I discovered Mr. Robot in April, after my brother kept telling me to watch it basically since the beginning of the year. Β I was immediately hooked after episode one, which rarely happens to me and the whole season just blew my mind. After season one I couldn’t imagine how season two could be anything near as good as season one, but after watching the finale of season two last month, I came to conclusion that season two was a genius masterpiece and even better then season one.

I’m not going to give you any spoilers or huge Plot chunks away, but if you don’t want to know anything about the series, then you shouldn’t read any further.

The whole story is told from the perspective of Elliot Alderson, a very smart withdrawn guy who works in a cybersecurity firm called allSafe, preventing Hacker attacks to powerful firms and who suffers from multiple psychological problems as clinical depression. During nights, he turns to an hacker himself to mostly connecting with people but also preventing actions from bad people. One day a mysterious and unknown man asks Elliot to join a group of activists, hackers to be precisely, to change the world in a better one and to take down one of the most powerful firms and clients of AllSafe.

I think I leave it here plot wise! I seriously think Mr Robot is the best thing which happened to television.
The actors are absolutely brilliant, specially Emmy awarded Rami Malek who plays Elliot, the Cinematography is just beautiful with all the New York and Scandinavian vibes, and I can’t even count how often I’ve listened to the Score while doing some ANKI Cards for Uni.
If you are into twisty plots, great and smart acting, re-watching episodes because there were too many informations to filter and signs you probably missed the first time; psychology and the human mind, modern society, heroism and just a program with high content which isn’t pure entertainment, then please go and watch it.
Let me know what you think about if you already know it or have just started to watch it!

ps. I took this photo when I was in New York in 2013, we just found this beautiful wall painting in a random little street somewhere in Manhattan.

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